Philips Advanced Molecular Imaging is transforming patient care by providing low dose molecular and hybrid imaging solutions that enhance lesion detect-ability and allow the user to share diagnostic information virtually anytime, anywhere. We have made a lasting impact in nuclear medicine by introducing innovations such as Time-of-Flight PET, hybrid SPECT/CT and digital PET/CT. We continue to bring solutions in the field of nuclear medicine that enhance quantitative accuracy and enable new clinical applications for monitoring of cancer therapy response and studying diseases.

CT Scanners Portfolio

The Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT Time-of-Flight system leverages multiple technologies, collectively known as xPand⁵, that act together to enhance image quality and support quantification. These join CT advances like iPatient, iDose⁴, and metal artifact reduction for implants (O-MAR).

Every day you are doing what is best for your patients, and the Philips MX16EVO2 CT system helps you continue to evolve your care in important ways with performance-leading technologies such as iDose4.

Brilliance iCT is a breakthrough system providing superb image quality, coverage, and speed. It’s simply in a class by itself, improving image quality across a wide range of exams and using an advanced collimator to reduce radiation dose. Brilliance iCT is the system that provides you with a quick path to new discoveries in clinical science.