IGT C-Arms

IGT C-Arms

New and complex surgical procedures require surgical teams to work together efficiently and understand the exact nature of critical anatomy in relation to the devices used. When carefully setting pedicle screws, placing a stent graft, or delicately inserting a pacemaker lead, your X-ray system provides crucial guidance. Getting consistent high quality images is only possible when there is excellent interaction between the physician, operator, and the mobile C-arm system. We have re-defined teamwork during surgical imaging so you can experience a new level of efficiency in surgical procedures.


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Philips patient monitors provide access to exhaustive, actionable patient information and connect teams across care settings. They facilitate early diagnosis, accelerate care delivery and prompt intervention and enable informed, thoughtful decision making. IntelliVue and SureSigns patient monitors perform consistently and dependably in a range of environments. From diverse patient acuity levels to demanding clinical requirements, these systems support flexible care with portable, compact and specialized models.
The ready access to meaningful data provided by Philips Central Monitoring and Clinical Workflow systems inspires collaboration and streamlines workflows for efficient and effective resource management. Flexible and networkable systems support a variety of workflows and drive staff implementation, with up-to-the-minute central patient monitoring information that enables informed and impactful care. Cost-effective Efficia systems are the first choice for many healthcare facilities, while IntelliVue systems offer some of the most advanced technology available.

Virtualized platforms and network-wide compatibility enable leveraging existing EHR/IT infrastructures and network strategies to support clinically relevant data exchange and facilitate collaboration from connected workstations and/or web-enabled mobile devices.


Because Philips knows the rigorous standards of healthcare and IT inside and out, Philips healthcare IT systems and solutions are custom-designed for enterprise deployment, engineered to support a comprehensive medical record, even through network outages, and feature advanced interoperability.