Patient Care & Monitoring Systems

Patient Care & Monitoring

Philips enterprise patient monitoring systems offer more than comprehensive and reliable data. They are designed to provide a bedrock of accuracy, precision and confidence that supports clinical decision-making at every level—in multiple environments. Networked and cableless solutions equip caregivers to track and manage patients’ needs, from the point of care to another unit, floor, or wing of a facility, and beyond. Infrastructural advances in compatibility facilitate operation of Philips systems with existing enterprise, online and radio systems smoothly and effectively. And we work collaboratively with you to tailor our Customer Services to your patient care journey.

Philips patient monitoring systems provide up-to-the-minute measurements that support informed, expedient care. This integrated solution fits securely into your hospital’s IT environment to capture virtually gap-free patient data and feed it directly to your EMR. So clinicians have anywhere, anytime access to the relevant, detailed information they need to make informed care decisions. Philips has the right combination of solutions, services and expertise to support the delivery of first-rate clinical care.


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Philips is leading the way with meaningful innovations in emergency care that can help you quickly and effectively respond to your patients and influence their course of care as never before. Built to be rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use, the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator with our advanced DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm seamlessly provides:
• Industry-leading patient monitoring capabilities
• Superb diagnostic measurements
• Robust and reliable STEMI clinical decision support tools
• Evidence-based, proven resuscitation therapies
• CPR guidance with the Q-CPR™ measurement and feedback tool
Philips algorithms, cardiographs, monitors, and ECG data management systems speed the flow of cardiology knowledge throughout your organization. Streamline workflow, improve productivity, and raise the quality of cardiac care.

Caring for mother and baby in labor and delivery, the NICU, and the well-baby nursery. Quality fetal monitoring supplies are essential to delivering accurate, reliable, in utero measurements.

Because every breath matters and every breath is different, patients need a ventilator that always follows their breathing pattern, whatever their acuity. The Respironics V60 uses auto-adaptive technology to help ensure patient synchrony and therapy acceptance. Improved signal processing technology is finely tuned for both adult and pediatric patients.

Information system? Patient monitor? Actually, it’s both. The world’s best-selling patient monitors are evolving with you to take you where you need to go. Fitting seamlessly our solutions are designed to simplify access to the patient information you need to enhance diagnostic confidence throughout the hospital.

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